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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Data Collector Installation Guide

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Connect your existing building automation system (BAS) to OpenBlue Enterprise Manager (EM) to begin collecting and analyzing data. You can use Johnson Controls or third-party BACnet® devices, or EDMI meters.

Data collector options are as follows: a turnkey hardware device, Aaeon® Boxer 6639 unit, and a virtual, software only version. The software data collector uses the Universal Software Gateway or it can be installed on the Metasys ADS/ADX server, on a separate VM, or customer-provided computer.

The Metasys data collector leverages the Metasys 11 APIs to connect to data, so only data that is available in Metasys will be accessible to EM using this software data collector.If the Metasys BAS is the central source of all building system data points, including all BACnet devices and meters, then a software data collector is your best option.

The Universal Software Gateway (USG) is software that provides flexibility, scalability, and extensibility for integrating different types of IT/OT systems with Johnson Controls Digital Solutions products. The USG software can be installed on a customer-provided VM or computer with a Linux operating system. When integrating a variety of IT/OT systems and devices with multiple DS products, the USG may be your best option.

The Aaeon unit and EM have hardware, networking, and access dependencies that you must configure before you begin the installation.