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Configure TeamViewer to enable remote access to your Aaeon unit.

About this task

When the Windows installation is successful, the TeamViewer configuration wizard launches automatically. The Aaeon unit supports TeamViewer version 12 and higher. If you want to enable remote access to the Aaeon® unit, complete the following steps:


  1. When the TeamViewer configuration wizard launches, click Cancel.
  2. From the TeamViewer configuration wizard, write down Your ID number and click OK. Use this ID number if you need to initiate a support call.
  3. In the TeamViewer configuration wizard, navigate to the Security tab in the side navigation and create a password.
    If you do not create a password, Johnson Controls remote support cannot access the unit.


When the TeamViewer configuration is successful, the EM Admin App page launches automatically.
Note: If the Admin App does not launch automatically, you must double click the Admin App shortcut on the Aaeon Unit's desktop.