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OBEM offers insights into meeting room utilization through the meeting room utilization widget. By combining the room usage frequency with occupancy, OBEM helps to determine if meeting room are right sized or being used to their capacity.

The meeting room underutilization widgets helps to keep track of the extent to which of the meeting rooms are getting underutilized.

Define thresholds for each underutilized meeting room. If a meeting room is underutilized, it calls for action to investigate the reason behind this and decisions can be taken to use this space effectively.

Meetings by size this week gives typical capacity of the meeting room for the number of meetings. How many meetings are attended by how many people for a given meeting room gives insight into the sizing of the meeting room.

Zone capacity indicates the maximum capacity of the zone for occupants. Current occupancy informs what the current occupancy or the number of people occupying a zone. Unassigned spaces informs on the spaces which are reserved and not available for the occupants to use.

Peak time indicates the section of the day when the zone is most utilized and quiet time indicates the section of the day when the zone is least utilized.

View and compare how the utilization of the zone has varied for every 30 minutes for a given day or multiple days.

View utilization trends for the last thirty days for each day of the week. For zones that do not function on weekends, this trend showcases the abnormal space utilization. Each day is denoted by a different color to clearly denote to users the typical combined trend of space utilization for each day.

View reports that serve as a return-to-work enabler and help gauge space and real estate utilization. The following reports are included:

  • Meeting room occupancy trend
  • Workstation usage trend
  • Meeting Room and workstation booking extension trends
  • Canceled meetings and workstation no-show trends