Equipment and energy reports - Johnson Controls - LIT-1901052 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2

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Johnson Controls
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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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The following energy and equipment reports are available in Report :

  • Alarm report by building
  • Alarm report by time series
  • Chilled water setpoint optimization report
  • Chiller plant efficiency by building
  • Chiller plant efficiency by month
  • Detailed fault report by equipment
  • Energy baseline report for meters
  • Energy baseline report for spaces
  • Energy comparison report by location
  • Energy comparison report by meter
  • Energy comparison report by period for location
  • Energy comparison report by period for meter
  • Energy consumption and efficiency report by building
  • Energy impact fault monetization report
  • Energy report by meter
  • Equipment fault mute report by space
  • Equipment fault summary report by space
  • Fault detail by equipment type report
  • Fault report by building
  • Fault report by time series
  • Fault statistics by priority
  • Meter data quality report