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OpenBlue Connected Chillers Branch Facing Dashboard User Guide

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Smart Connected Chillers
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The CPI score overview is the first view that appears when you open the power BI report. In the CPI score overview, you can see the branches that you are an admin for. The following figure shows a view for a super-admin who has access to all the countries and regions.

Figure 1. CPI score overview
Callout Description

Month selection: You can filter the data for a particular month or for multiple months.

To select multiple months, hold down Ctrl and select the months you want.

2 Chiller connections: This shows the chiller connection progressions. The diagram shows the number of connections for each month and the number of chillers in the portfolio that have a CPI of less than 50, the active outliers.

Table view for you to compare the CPI scores of different countries.

To select multiple countries, hold down Ctrl and select the countries you want.

4 Map view for the CPI score by country.

Country and branch data: You can see the CPI score for the selected country and months. The list is sorted in ascending order of CPI scores, so you see the lowest scores first.

To export the branch data in Excel, click the Menu icon on the right-side of the branch data. Select Export data, click Summarized data and choose the file format. Click Export.

Use this view on the power BI dashboard to quickly choose branches with a low CPI score. Low scores present opportunities to generate labor and material (L&M) tickets or improve the chiller uptime and efficiency.