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OpenBlue Connected Chillers Branch Facing Dashboard User Guide

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You can use the panel codes notification category to create notifications for all fault types and fault descriptions of chillers.
  • All fields are mandatory to create the notification rule.
  • With the panel code, you can create a mass notification for chillers of the same model only.
  • You can only select one chiller model at a time, however you can select multiple chillers of same model.

Creating a notification rule

Figure 1. Add a panel codes notification
To create a notification rule in the panel codes category, complete the following steps:
  1. From the Menu options icon, select Notifications.
  2. Click Add Notification and select Panel Codes.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Add Panel Codes Notification window, read the Important instructions before you create a new notification rule.
  5. From the Chiller Model list, select a model. You can select one chiller model at a time.
  6. From the Chillers list, select a chiller.

    You can select one or multiple chillers. The chillers display in the Select Chillers pane, click the X icon to clear the selected chillers.

  7. From the Fault Type list, select a type of fault. You can select one or multiple fault types.
  8. From the Fault Description list, select a description. You can select one or multiple fault descriptions.
  9. From the Recipient Type list, select the type of user who receives the notification. The type of user is a branch user or a customer.
  10. From the Recipients list, select a user.
    You can select one or multiple recipients. The recipient list is based on the access level of the user that configures the notification rule and the chillers selected in the previous fields.
    • Users with following configuration will appear in recipient list:
      • Role Type: Super admin, CSD user, common user with or without all site access.
      • CDS Group Type: Branch user, branch admin, CSS user.
    • A branch user can create notifications for themselves and associated customers.
    • A branch admin can create notifications for themselves, branch users, or customers for the associated branch and user site mapping.
  11. From the Frequency list, select the frequency of the notification.

    You can select one or multiple frequencies. Frequency values can differ depending on notification category.

  12. From the Notification Type, select Text Message or Email.
    Note: SMS notifications are sent for the instantaneous frequency. Email notifications are sent for all frequencies.
  13. Click one of the Save options:
    • Save & Close saves the notification by facility and closes the add notification window.
    • Save & Add New saves the notification by facility and the add notification window stays open to create new notification rules.