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You can use the offline communications notification rule to configure notifications for the following status:
Table 1. Offline communication status
Status Description
Troubled Communication loss between 2 to 24 hours
Disconnected (offline for more than 24 hours) Communication loss for more than 24 hours
Offline for 1 Week Chiller is offline for more than 1 week
Offline for 3 Weeks Chiller is offline for more than 3 weeks
You can configure these notifications only for instantaneous frequency. As soon as a status is received in the system, notifications trigger for the selected chiller.
Note: The notifications for offline communication are as near real time, however the status job runs every two hours so there may be a delay of two hours plus in some cases.
Notification rules delivery:
  • If the conditions defined in rules are met then SMS or Email notifications send to the relevant recipients.
  • If there are multiple rules configured for the same fault, then only one notification is sent. Duplicate notifications are not sent.
  • Notification emails send based on frequency, notification category, and recipient. If a user is configured for multiple rules of the same frequency then they receive one consolidated email from all of the rules instead of multiple emails.