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You can use the configuration history to track all the changes made in the notification rules.

To access the configuration history, click the Menu on the right-side of the screen and select Configuration History.

Notification rules display based on the facility. The facility list shown is based on the user site mapping available on the system.

Figure 1. Configuration history
Callout Name Description
1 ID The notification rule ID shows records based on 6-digit rule ID.
2 Facility

By default the first value is selected. You can change the facility as needed.

Only one facility can be selected at a time.

3 Action Displays if the record was inserted, updated, or deleted.
4 Remarks Description of any remarks entered at the time of the activity.
5 Last modified by Displays the user details who performed the activity.
6 Last modified on Displays the time of the activity.
7 Excel icon Click the Excel icon to download the configuration history.