Assigning a notification - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014192 - Chiller management portal - Smart Connected Chillers - v2023.Q2

OpenBlue Connected Chillers Branch Facing Dashboard User Guide

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Smart Connected Chillers
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User Guide
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  1. Click the Bell icon to access the fault notifications.
  2. Select one or multiple notifications that you want to assign to a user, and click Assign.
  3. In the Assign Notification window, in the Email Address field, enter the email address of the user.
    1. In the Comments field, enter a comment.
    2. Click Submit.

      OBCC sends an email notification with the comments to the assigned user.

  4. After you assign a user to a notification, hover over the Assigned status to view the assignment details.
    Note: You can reassign alarm notifications that are already assigned.
    Note: At present there is no further workflow available after you assign a notification to a user.