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Table 1. Chiller status table columns
Name Description
Customer The customer name of the associated chiller.
Facility The facility name of the associated chiller.
Chiller The name of the chiller.
CPI This displays the recent Chiller Performance Index score. The CPI score uses previous days data. Color coding indicates the following scores:
  • Red: 0-50
  • Orange: 51-75
  • Green: 76-100
  • Gray: Not calculated
Recent events
Important events shows the number of recent events for a particular chiller. Click the Arrow icon to expand the row. Data displays for the previous 24 hours. Fault types include:
  • Safety fault
  • Warning fault
  • Cyclic fault
  • Health check alert
  • Health check alarm
Panel status The panel status shows the status displayed on the panel of the chiller.
Connection status The connection status displays the connectivity status of the chiller, such as:
  • Online
  • Poor connection
  • Offline
  • Not available
View chiller Click View Chiller to navigate to the chiller view. There are different tabs available including: Trends, Comparative, Reports, Performance Index, Notes, Recommendation, and Custom Notification.