Chiller status table - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014192 - Chiller management portal - Smart Connected Chillers - v2023.Q2

OpenBlue Connected Chillers Branch Facing Dashboard User Guide

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Smart Connected Chillers
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Figure 1. Chiller status table

The chiller status table displays a list of all the chillers. The list of chillers is based on the access level of the user, for example, a branch user or admin sees the chillers based on their user site mapping.

Total Chillers displays the number of chillers in the table.

The table columns include customer, facility, chiller, CPI, recent events, panel status, and connection status.

The data in the table displays in descending order based on the value in the recent events column. The chiller with the maximum events displays first in the table so you can attend to the chiller which requires immediate attention. However, you can sort the data based on any other column.

The first chiller in the table fills the data in other sections of the home page, such as the chiller checks and the chiller information section.