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Smart Connected Chillers
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You can configure a facility chiller to automatically send reports to your Repository dashboard on a scheduled date every week, month, or quarter. When the CEP generates the report, you can edit the report in the Repository dashboard.

About this task

To configure an automated report, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Menu options icon, select Reports.
  2. From the Reports list, select a report type.
  3. From the Customer list, select a customer.
  4. From the Facility list, select the facility.
  5. From the Start Date calendar, enter the start date.
  6. From the End Date calendar, enter the end date.
    Note: The Chiller Trend Report, Energy Summary Report, and the Raw Data Report require additional selections. See Step 8.
  7. Click View Report.
  8. Some reports require additional selections in the Report Selection Parameter window. In Selection Parameter window, select the trend summaries you want the report to capture and click OK. You can also view the report history.
    Note: You can select multiple trend summaries for each chiller in the selected facility.

    The report downloads to your device.