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Smart Connected Chillers
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The Comprehensive Chiller Report displays the alarms and faults generated by selected chillers, including those which contribute to its CPI score. The report also displays a CPI check, status check, and health check for all selected chillers.

About this task

To generate a Comprehensive Chiller Report, complete the following steps:


  1. Navigate to the Reports dashboard. See Navigating to the reports dashboard.
  2. From the Reports list, select Comprehensive Chiller Report.
  3. From the Customer list, select a customer.
  4. From the Facility list, select a facility.
  5. From the Asset list, select a chiller or chillers.
  6. From the Chart list, select a chart.
  7. From the Start Date calendar, select a start date.
  8. From the End Date calendar, select an end date.
  9. Click View Report to generate a report.