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Smart Connected Chillers
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A CPI For All Chillers Report displays the CPI scores for chillers.

About this task

To generate a report, complete the following steps:


  1. Navigate to the Reports dashboard. See Navigating to the reports dashboard.
  2. From the Reports list, select CPI For All Chillers.
  3. From the Customer list, select a customer or customers.
  4. From the Date list, select a date.
    Note: CPI scores are shown on a 24-hour accumulation basis, select the date one day before the day of the report you want to generate. For example, if you want to see the data for November 7, select November 6 in the Date list.
  5. Click View Report to generate a report.
    The CPI For All Chillers Report is a CSV file. The report typically has two tabs:
    • CPI above 75
    • CPI up to 75
    Note: If there is no CPI up to 75 tab in the CSV file, then all the selected customers’ chillers have a CPI score above 75. The CPI up to 75 tab contains data on chillers that may require attention. Chillers with insufficient data also fill this tab. To clear these chillers from the list, in the Status column, click Unselect all chillers with insufficient data.