Adding a note in the chiller tab - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014192 - Chiller management portal - Smart Connected Chillers - v2023.Q2

OpenBlue Connected Chillers Branch Facing Dashboard User Guide

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Smart Connected Chillers
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About this task

To add a note in the chiller tab, complete the following steps:


  1. In the Notes dashboard, click the Chiller tab.
  2. From the Equipment list, select a chiller.
  3. Click Add Notes.
  4. In the Add Notes window, from the Type list, select the type of note.
  5. In the Title field, enter a title.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description.
  7. To upload a reference file, click Choose Files.
  8. To add a comment to the note, enter a comment in the Comment field, and click Add.
    Note: You can add more than one comment, and any user with the relevant access can add a comment.
  9. Click Save.