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About this task

After you complete filling out all the data points custom thresholds on the custom notification tab, complete the following steps to set up notifications:


  1. In the Custom Notification tab, click Set Notification.
  2. From the Point Category list, select a category from the thresholds you set.
  3. From the Data Points list, select a point from the thresholds you set.
  4. From the User Type list, select branch user or customer.
  5. From the User list, select the user you want to receive the alarm notification.
  6. From the Notification Frequency, select Instantaneous.
    Note: The frequency is based on the thresholds and time delay you set.
  7. From the Notification Type, select SMS or Email.
  8. Click Add to add the notification.


The notification table has a list of the notification updates. The fields include point category, point name, user type, user, notification frequency, notification type, and credentials of the user with timestamps and the modification history.
Note: There is an option to not set email and SMS notifications and view all notifications in Global Alarm Delivery System (GADS).