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About this task


  1. In the Custom Notification tab, click Add Pre-Conditions.
  2. From the Chiller Model list, select a chiller.

    By default, the chiller model is selected. If you want the pre-conditions to be available as an option on multiple chiller models, open the selection option window with all chiller models you have access to. If you want the pre-condition to be applicable to all models, click Select All.

  3. From the Branch list, select a branch location.
  4. In the Pre-Condition Name field, enter a name for the pre-condition of the chiller.
  5. In the Equation Statement field, enter a statement. The statement can be supported by logical and comparative functions.
    1. In the Attributes tab, search for the attribute description that you want to use in the statement. Attributes are points that are available for each model of the chiller.
    2. When you find an attribute description, drag the point to the equation statement field.

      When the attribute description is in the equation statement field, you can add a comparative operator (<, >, =<, or >=), and then enter a value in the value box, or you can compare with a constant template.

    3. A constant template allows for a variable range of values rather than a fixed value. In the Constant Template tab, click the Add icon.
    4. In the Add Constant Template window, in the Constant Template field, enter a name for the template.
    5. In the Description field, enter a description for the constant template.
      The description displays when the mouse hovers over in the constant template tab.
      Note: You can also create a constant template in the Configure section, select Constant Configurations and click the Constant Template tab. For more information, see Thresholds and constant templates.
      Note: If you use a logical operator (and, or) to compare multiple conditions, use parenthesis before the statement.
    6. Click Clear to clear an equation statement.
  6. In the Notification Description field, enter the description you want to be sent along with the SMS or email for the applied pre-condition if the equation is true.
  7. Click Add to add the new pre-condition to the list of pre-conditions.
  8. Click Validate Syntax to check if the syntax is correct. This returns an error if incorrect.
  9. Click Test Fault to test for a fault condition before the equation is executed in an actual chiller.

    When the attributes are dragged to the equation statement, you see a table fill with attributes and values. Enter the values to test if the equation works correctly. You get an error message if the equation does not work.

    Note: If you select a constant template, enter a threshold for the constant template instead of numerical value.
  10. Click Delete Equation to delete a pre-condition.
    Note: If another chiller is configured with the existing equation you cannot delete the pre-condition even after confirmation of deletion of pre-condition.


The pre-condition table fills all the pre-conditions equations written by the users on the site. The table gives a brief description of pre-condition name, models and branches that the pre-conditions are mapped to, the notification description, and the credentials of the user who created the pre-condition with time stamp. The table also maintains revision history, and indicates if there are any modifications by the users with their credentials and a time stamp. Click the Excel icon at the right-hand side of the table to download the table in XLS format.