Configuring the comparative dashboard - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014192 - Chiller management portal - Smart Connected Chillers - v2023.Q2

OpenBlue Connected Chillers Branch Facing Dashboard User Guide

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Smart Connected Chillers
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User Guide
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In the comparative dashboard you can view and analyze multiple parameters in a chart, but you can only view the same types of data points. You can compare multiple float points, but you cannot compare the following data points: binary and float points, two or more binary points, or multistate values (MSV).

About this task

To view the chiller status for a selected time period, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Equipment list, select a chiller.
  2. Click the Calendar icon to select a date and click Show.

    Alternatively, select from the available time frame options on the right-side of the screen. You can select from periods of 12 hours up to one month.

  3. To change the time period in the selected parameters, drag the blue rectangles on the Status bar.
    The colors for the time periods are as follows:
    • Green: On
    • Light gray: Off
    • Dark gray: No data available