Configuring comparative charts - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014192 - Chiller management portal - Smart Connected Chillers - v2023.Q2

OpenBlue Connected Chillers Branch Facing Dashboard User Guide

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Smart Connected Chillers
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When you add a chart to the Comparative dashboard, you can use the icons next to the chart to further configure how you view it.
  • To view a chart by year, click the Calendar icon and select a year from the list.
  • To compare different units, select one or more units from the Select Unit list.
    Note: This option only appears when you select comparable points.
  • To edit a chart, click the Edit chart icon.
  • To view the chart as a grid or a line chart, click the View Chart Options icon, and click either the Grid data icon or the Line chart icon.
  • To export the data, click the View Chart Options icon and click the Export to CSV icon or the Export to PDF icon.
  • To maximize the size of the chart or grid, click the Maximize Chart icon.
  • To zoom in on a chart, select an area of the chart. To zoom out, click Reset zoom.
  • To hide a data line on a chart, select the respective data line below the chart.
  • To remove a chart, click the Remove Chart icon.