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When a user checks into a desk, Companion automatically adds this desk location to their contact card. If a user has a permanent workspace, such as an office, a Companion administrator can add this workspace to the user's contact card. You can use this data to easily find colleagues on the floor map.

To find a colleague on the Companion floor map, complete the following instructions:
  1. On the Home screen, tap Find a Colleague.
  2. The list auto-generates with colleagues on your team. If you are looking for a colleague that is not on your team, tap Everyone.
  3. To search for a colleague, tap the Search bar and enter their name or email address.
  4. Select the name of the colleague you are searching for. This opens their contact card.
  5. To locate this colleague on the Companion floor map, tap Locate on Map, then click Navigate and follow the on-screen directions.
  6. To reserve a desk in this view, tap an available desk, then tap Reserve. This opens the Reserve a Space screen. Select the time that you want to reserve the desk for, then tap Reserve.