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OpenBlue Companion Product Bulletin

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Companion creates smart space scenarios that function without user input. This helps to ensure that your building stays just as efficient and creates an experience that delights occupants. Instead of using a standard schedule, use Companion to automate systems, resources, and functionality based on occupant behavior and real building use.

Configure smart spaces based on your organization’s preferences, and the list of options continues to expand along with features in Companion.

Space reporting

Use Companion together with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager (EM) to get reports that serve as return-to-work-enablers and as space and real estate utilization indicators. Use the meeting room booking report in OpenBlue EM to view details about the occupancy trends, extended meetings, and canceled meetings for a selected time frame. Also use the workstation booking report in OpenBlue EM to view details about the usage trends, no-shows, and booking extensions of workstations for different spaces across dates.