Special note on Covid-19 - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013214 - Software Application - Companion - 2.8

OpenBlue Companion Product Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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In addition to features that support flexible spaces, fluid scheduling, communication, SOS, and productivity for time spent in the office, you can bundle Companion with OpenBlue Location Manager for additional social distancing and safety value. When paired with Location Manager, Companion offers the following social distancing and safety-focused functions:

  • Real time social distancing alerts help occupants protect themselves from exposure when they enter a space that exceeds occupancy limits. Alerts appear in the Companion app and also through email. These alerts include actionable information, with links to more details and the organization's social distancing policies. Users can acknowledge the alert, and their acknowledgment is visible to the Companion administrator.
  • Space occupancy levels and safe routing options to navigate through crowded areas, with easy color or symbol indicators on the live floor plan.
  • Space safety scoring, which includes a history of space contact tracing results when users book spaces or rooms.
  • Social distancing scoring for users that ensures that they can easily see how they are doing in their team relative to other teams, and access details on how to improve their distancing behaviors and contribute to space safety. Scores appear on the dashboard for easy visibility.

Location Manager also automates contact tracing for a site, and offers long term utilization and occupancy data.