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Use the Companion calendar alongside your native calendar application to track desk reservations, meeting invites, and meeting room bookings, both physical and virtual.

Figure 1. Calendar and meeting list

Figure 2. Schedule a meeting

Figure 3. View meeting details

Figure 4. Space reservation

Companion's integrated features add value to your native calendar tool through the following offerings:

  • Space details such as amenities, capacity, and safety score.
  • Desk reservation details.
  • A visual scheduling assistant for efficient meeting planning.
  • Meeting organizers can start the meeting and personalize the meeting room comfort settings. Organizers can start a meeting even if they are not present in the meeting room.
  • Meeting participants can use the RSVP feature to respond to the meeting invitation.
  • Executive assistants can avail of the delegated calendar permission feature to organize meetings on behalf of executives.
  • Administrators can define VIP users and VIP meeting rooms to give precedence to VIP users to book certain meeting rooms.
  • Easy extension of the meeting in the current space or another free space.
  • Highlighted meeting spaces on the map, with navigation directly to the room available in the meeting details.
  • Two-tap instant bookings to reserve a nearby space that is free for the next 30, 60, or 90 minutes.
  • Reservations up to eight weeks in advance.
  • A reservation log to view details on all desk, meeting room, and parking space reservations.