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Figure 1. Companion floor map and navigation

Live map

Live map view is available on the Companion app, desktop, desk reservation kiosk, and personalized kiosk. The floor map integrates into Companion's related features, for example, when you navigate to a booked meeting room.

Where enabled through integrations or other features, such as occupancy sensors or hot desking, the floor plan indicates real time space availability and supports booking of spaces directly from the map. Using filters and search functionality, you can view space availability several days in advance so that you can find the right space for the right time.

Companion map features do not require investment in any underlying navigation systems. Spaces and landmarks are mapped directly onto the system.

Blue dot navigation

Blue dot navigation empowers and protects occupants as they move through Companion enabled spaces. If you enable navigation systems, blue dot shows your location in real time, and guides you to your destination.

Choose routes that prioritize either the shortest path to your destination, an accessible path, or a social distancing conscious route that prioritizes safety. Navigate between floors using the staircase or elevator. You can also save your navigation preferences to use the same type of paths for your future routes.

In case of an emergency, the Companion app instantly shows you the evacuation route from your position.

Administrators can define areas that are restricted for certain user roles, and Companion creates the navigation routes accordingly.

Find a colleague

When a user checks in to a desk, Companion automatically adds this desk location to their contact card. If a user has a permanent workspace, for example, an office, a Companion administrator can add this workspace to the user's contact card.

Use the map view to easily find and navigate to your colleagues based on these space bookings. For ease of use, you can also add colleagues to a favorite list so that you can easily locate the people that you most often need to find.

Book a parking space

Use the map view to book a parking space and plan your parking up to eight weeks in advance. Visitors can also be assigned to a parking space during visitor registration.