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Figure 1. Companion admin portal space configuration

Use the Companion admin portal to set up Companion and begin to create smarter spaces. The admin portal is separate from the mobile application and kiosk.

The admin portal supports the following tasks:

  • Create and manage spaces along with the mapping of relevant resources and business units to those spaces.
  • Add users to Companion and manage their roles and access rights. Also, you can add users to groups such as first responders and HR to support the SOS feature.
  • Connect underlying integrated systems to create seamless experiences, including navigation systems and the calendar.
  • Set rules for the site, including whether unoccupied workspaces release after a period of time.
  • Support flexibility in space use: alter capacity settings, indicate sanitation status, or exclude spaces from booking.
  • Support rotational schedules if occupants follow a hybrid on-site or remote work plan.
  • Define and configure work order items, and manage tickets.
  • Create content for news items, site guidelines, and standard alerts.
  • Configure access control system details.
  • Where applicable, notify users when location badges are available for pickup.