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To order food from the cafeteria, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Cafeteria screen, click or tap Menu.
    Your favorites, frequently ordered items, and the food menu appear.
    Figure 1. Cafeteria menu

    Figure 2. Cafeteria menu

  2. Select the cafeteria location from the list.
  3. Select whether you want to order food now or later.
  4. Search, filter, or browse the items on the menu. Click or tap Tap an item to view more information about that item. Click or tap Tap the Star icon to add an item to your favorites. To view all of your favorites or frequently ordered items on a separate screen, tap View More. Use the cafeteria navigation panel to view your favorites, frequently ordered items, and your past orders.
    Note: The search function can find items in different cafeteria locations, but an order can contain items from only one cafeteria location. If your order is in progress for a cafeteria location and you select an item from another cafeteria location, you can choose to discard your current order and order from the other cafeteria, or continue with your order from the first cafeteria.
  5. To add items to your order, click or tap Add and select the quantity.
  6. To finish your order, click or tap Cart, review your order, and tap Place Order.
    After you place your order, it appears in your order list in Order Placed status. In this status, you can edit or cancel your order. When the cafeteria accepts the order, the order status changes to In Progress, and you cannot change or cancel the order.