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Note: Navigation in restricted areas is not possible. If you attempt to navigate to a workspace in a restricted area, Companion guides you to the point on the edge of the restricted area closest to that workspace.

The You are Here marker on the kiosk shows the kiosk location on the floor map. If a space has more than one door, Companion guides you to the door nearest to your starting location.

To navigate to a workspace or parking space, complete the following steps:
  1. From the floor list, select a floor. Available spaces are marked in green.
  2. Tap on a space or search for a space.

    To search for a space in all floors available to you, tap Search Spaces and start typing the space name or number. To filter your search, tap Filter, select your filters, and tap Apply. To reset the filter, tap Reset.

  3. To view the route to the space, tap Navigate. To receive the directions in email, tap Send navigation route via email.
  4. Depending on the organization's configuration, different navigation options appear:
    • If the organization enables One Way, then only that option appears. Tap One Way to plot a route through the building.
    • If the organization does not enable One Way, tap Fastest Way to plot the shortest route.
  5. To clear a navigation path, tap Clear Path.