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Johnson Controls
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Tap Floor Plan to view the layout of a floor and to find and navigate to your host and available spaces.

Zoom and compass

To zoom in and out, tap + and - . The compass icon displays true north.

Availability and occupancy status

The floor plan displays the occupancy status of meeting rooms and spaces in the following color code:

  • Green: Available.
  • Gray: Occupied or booked.
  • Yellow: Away status for spaces where a user has checked in but is not occupying the desk.
  • Red: Blocked by an admin.
  • Orange: Blocked for maintenance

Floor list, search, and future availability list

From the floor list, select the floor you want to view.

Note: The list contains the buildings and floors that you can access as a visitor.

To search for a space in all floors available to you, tap Search Spaces and start typing the space name or number. To filter your search, tap Filter, select your filters, and tap Apply. To reset the filter, tap Reset. To search for your host's location, tap Search People and start typing your host's name or email address.

To check the availability of a space for the current day, use the future availability list.

Note: You cannot reserve workstations, meeting rooms, or parking spaces in restricted areas. Spaces you have already reserved in restricted areas are no longer accessible.