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OpenBlue Companion Personalized Kiosk User Guide

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For a personalized experience, log in to the kiosk.

Logging in

To log in, enter your one-time passcode that you received in an email or SMS and tap Login. The floor plan appears.

Figure 1. OpenBlue Companion personalized visitor kiosk

Assistive mode

In assistive mode, the search bar is positioned on the lower part of the screen. To use assistive mode, tap Settings and switch on Assistive Mode.


To select a language, tap Settings and from the Select Language list, select your preferred language.

Note: If you select a right-to-left language, the user interface elements also change to a right-to-left orientation.

Your schedule

To view your schedule, in the lower left, tap View Schedule.

To receive directions to a meeting or reservation in your schedule, tap Locate.

Menu bar

From the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, tap the item you want to access:

  • Sign Out: Sign out of your kiosk session.
  • Floor Plan: View the layout of a floor and find and navigate to your host and available spaces.
  • News: View news items.
  • Cafeteria: Order food from the cafeteria.