Navigating to a workspace - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014054 - Software Application - Companion - 2.7.1

OpenBlue Companion Desktop User Guide

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To navigate to a workspace, complete the following steps:
  1. In the Features panel, click or tap Floor Map.
  2. To search for a workstation, in the search bar, enter a workspace name or number.
  3. View suggested workspaces and select a space.
  4. To view the available workspaces in a list, click or tap List View.
  5. To filter workspaces by points of interest, business units, space types, and resources, click or tap Filter. Available workspace are highlighted in green and unavailable workspaces are gray.
  6. To zoom in or out, click or tap the zoom buttons.
  7. To view details and resources for a space, click or tap on an available space.
  8. To navigate to a space, in the space information panel, click pr tap Navigate.
  9. If your company has location beacons then a blue dot indicates your current location. If the blue dot does not appear, scan a QR code or enter the source and destination manually, and click or tap Start Navigate to display a navigation path.
  10. If the destination is on a different floor, read and confirm the notification that appears, and choose whether you want to use the elevator or the staircase to reach the other floor, then click or tap OK.
  11. To view a more detailed list of directions and instructions, click or tap Steps.
  12. To clear the path, click or tap Clear Path.