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Use the floor map to view the layout of the building, view workspaces and parking spaces, find colleagues, identify safe zones, and navigate to a space.

Click or tap Normal Map or Safe Zone to toggle between the two views.

Normal map view

In normal map view, the floor map displays the availability and occupancy status of meeting rooms and spaces using the following color code:

  • Green: Available
  • Gray: Occupied or booked.
  • Yellow: Away status for spaces where a user is checked in but is not occupying a desk.
  • Red: Blocked by an admin to comply with social distancing guidelines or to indicate that the space requires sanitation.
To view the same-day availability schedule for a space, click or tap that space on the floor map. A calendar appears with an hourly breakdown of when the space is in use that day. If there are available slots, select the slot you want to book and click or tap Reserve.
Note: To check the availability of a workstation on a different day, use the Date & Time filter.

Safe zone view

Use safe zone view to avoid areas of social distancing non-compliance. In this case, non-compliance is when there are too many people in one area. In safe zone view, the floor map displays the social distancing compliance status of meeting rooms and spaces in the following color code:
  • Green: Compliant.
  • Red: Non-compliant.
  • Blue: Room for more users.
Note: Safe zone view is not available for parking floors.


To filter available spaces, click or tap Filters . You can filter based on Business Unit, Space Type, Resources, and Date & Time.