Comfort - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014054 - Software Application - Companion - 2.7.1

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Use the Comfort feature to personalize spaces by changing the settings for the lights, temperature, and window coverings for an assigned area. Meeting rooms can have additional comfort functions that you can control. Comfort controls are available for different space types as follows:

  • Workstation: to gain access to the comfort controls of a workstation, you must check in to that workstation. For closed spaces, you can access comfort controls directly. For workstations in open or shared spaces, you cannot control the temperature directly, but you can suggest changes to the facility administrator.
  • Meeting room: the comfort controls for a meeting room become available to the meeting organizer for the duration of the meeting when the meeting starts. Access comfort controls through the Meeting Information pane.
Note: If you have Panasonic API integration enabled, Comfort controls are obtained based on the user's Panasonic badge location. If it is not available, it defaults back to the assigned location for a user.

Comfort modes

A comfort mode is a group of comfort settings. The administrator can define comfort modes and you can also save a group of comfort settings as your own comfort mode. To select a comfort mode, click or tap an existing comfort mode at the top of the screen. To save your settings as a new comfort mode, change the settings in an existing comfort mode, and click or tap Save new mode.


To toggle a light, click or tap the light. To adjust the brightness level, move the slider.


For closed spaces, to adjust the temperature, move the slider left to decrease and right to increase. For open or shared spaces, click or tap Make It Warmer or Make It Cooler to suggest a change to the facility administrator.

Window coverings

To adjust the window coverings, click or tap the close symbol on the left, or the open symbol on the right. Click or tap a second time to stop the movement when the window coverings reach the required position.