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To display meeting details, open the calendar, and click or tap on a meeting. An information panel opens, where you can select the following options:

  • Navigate: navigate to the meeting, if the meeting is in a physical location.
  • Join: join an online meeting.

Meeting attendees can choose from the following additional options:

  • RSVP: respond to the meeting invitation. On the RSVP screen, the meeting appears highlighted in your calendar for the current day. To send an email with your response to the meeting organizer, switch Email Organizer on, and optionally enter an additional message. In the lower part of the screen, select your answer or propose a new date or time. To change your response after you send it, tap Edit RSVP.
  • Check-in: check in to the meeting room.
  • Check-out: check out from the meeting room.

Meeting organizers can choose from the following additional options:

  • Start Meeting: start your meeting.

  • End Meeting: end your meeting. To check out from the meeting room without ending the meeting, click or tap Check-out.
  • Comfort : after you start the meeting, control the temperature, lights, window coverings, and other comfort features available in the meeting room.
  • Extend Meeting: extend the duration of an ongoing meeting by 30 minutes. This option is enabled 30 minutes before the meeting ends. If the room is available, your booking extends by 30 minutes. If the room is not available, you can choose between other available rooms on the same floor.
  • Description: edit the meeting description. Only the host has write permission but users can interact with links and online meeting URLs.
  • Edit Meeting : change the meeting time and other details for the meeting.
  • Cancel Meeting : cancel the meeting.