Booking a space for an immediate meeting - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014054 - Software Application - Companion - 2.7.1

OpenBlue Companion Desktop User Guide

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To book a physical space for an immediate meeting, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose from the following options to open the Meet Now page:
    • On the dashboard, in the upper right, click or tap Schedule, and select Meet Now.
    • In the Features panel, click or tap Calendar, and select Meet Now.
  2. Select the building and the floor, a meeting end time, and click or tap Search to search for a meeting room. Select a meeting room.
    • You cannot change the start time of an immediate meeting.
    • If you book a VIP meeting room as a non-VIP user, a VIP user can override your booking. If another meeting room is available with the same resources and the same or larger capacity, Companion automatically assigns that room for your meeting. If no such room is available, your meeting is canceled. You receive a notification about any changes to your booking.
  3. Tap Done.