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OpenBlue Companion Desktop User Guide

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The Calendar feature syncs information from your work Microsoft Outlook™ account to Companion.
  • If you are also responsible for other people's calendars, from the list at the top of the screen, select your calendar or another person's calendar.
  • To expand the calendar into a 30-day view, click or tap the handlebar in the lower part of the calendar.
  • The number of dots under each day correspond to the number of meetings and reservations for the day. If you have more than three meetings or reservations for a day, the calendar displays ..+ under that day.
  • Click or tap on a day to display your meetings and space reservations for that day. For more information, see Meeting details and Space reservation details.
  • Click or tap on a day, and select a menu item below the calendar to create a meeting or reservation. For more information, see Creating a meeting and Reserving a workspace or parking space.