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For new Companion customers starting from release 2.9, the value-based, dynamic pricing model applies. In the value-based model, you must order a base item and you can add as many options to the base as necessary. Your total price comprises of the following items:

  • A one-time setup price for the base and for each additional option you select
    Note: The setup price also applies for any additional users at the renewal of a subscription.
  • A yearly subscription price for each additional option you select, based on the number of concurrent users
    • The base and the branding option have a setup price, but no subscription price.
    • The number of concurrent users is a ratio of the total number of users. The industry-standard value of this ratio is 75%. For example, if the total number of users is 500, the subscription price is calculated to include 375 concurrent users.
Table 1. Companion pricing model
Price item Included features Notes

Companion mobile app

Desktop Companion



Intrinsic or AD login

Language support

Work order

Find a colleague (without navigation)

The base is mandatory and includes a one-time setup cost.
Option 1: Space Booking

Space availability (floor map)

Reservation (hot desk, meeting rooms)

Check in and check out

Meeting room kiosk

Online collaboration


Option 2: Visitor Management

Visitor scheduling and notification

Visitor kiosk

Option 3: Access Control

Phone as badge

Smart locker

Option 4: Comfort

Control of temperature, lighting, window coverings, and other comfort functions

Option 1: Space booking is also required with this option.
Note: The setup price for Comfort also includes the costs to set up an OpenBlue Bridge. One OpenBlue Bridge is sufficient for one building. Any additional OpenBlue Bridges incur an additional setup cost.
Option 5: Food & Beverage

Cafeteria ordering

Cafeteria admin portal

Option 6: Navigation

QR code navigation

Static navigation, multi-level and multi-building

Static kiosk

Find a colleague with navigation

Option 7: Branding Branding Includes a one-time setup cost, no subscription is needed.
Option 8: Space Utilization Report

Space utilization reporting

Option 1: Space booking is also required with this option.