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OpenBlue Companion is a dynamic application that provides seamless experiences for occupants, while also delivering on the goals of building managers and owners. Companion brings dynamic collaboration and workspaces to life with intuitive and personalized user interfaces that optimize your built environment.

For occupants, Companion anticipates needs and integrates features to foster productivity and connect people to spaces like never before. Go beyond comfort and achieve flexible space booking, navigation, and seamless access control experiences that attract and retain talent. When it comes time to find and refine a hybrid remote work plan, Companion has rich features to support your strategy as it evolves.

On the building management side, occupants can use Companion to adjust comfort settings and submit helpdesk tickets, so facility teams can focus on where they most add value. Real occupancy and utilization data supports smart space allocation and design decisions that lower energy expenses and the ongoing maintenance costs of demand-based services.

Companion makes the most out of your people and spaces. Companion is powered by purpose driven IoT and AI technology that personalize to meet your goals and your investments. Create your smart building, one use case at a time.

For more information about Companion's features, benefits, and uses, refer to the OpenBlue Companion Product Bulletin (LIT-12013214).

Figure 1. OpenBlue Companion app dashboard