Viewing the order log - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014062 - Software Application - Companion - 2.7

OpenBlue Companion Cafeteria Order Fulfillment Kiosk User Guide

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The order log contains the orders that are delivered or rejected. To view the order log, complete the following steps:
  1. In the upper left, tap Order Log.

    The order log displays the same columns as the open orders list, except for the following differences:

    • Order Status: it can be delivered or, for rejected orders, cancelled.
    • Order Closure: the time when the order was closed (rejected or delivered).
    • The order log does not include the Expected Delivery and the Delivery Location columns.
  2. To search, start typing into the search bars under the column headings.
  3. To navigate between pages of the log, use the controls at the lower right.