Creating a work order - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013271 - Software Application - Companion - 2.8

OpenBlue Companion Admin Portal Configuration Guide

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To create a work order, complete the following steps:

  1. From the navigation panel, select Workorder.
  2. On the work order page, click the Workorder Status tab.
  3. In the top right, click Create New.
  4. To create an issue, select Issue. To create a request, select New Request.
  5. In the Select user field, start typing the name of the user, and select an available name from the list of results.
  6. From the Location list, select a location.
  7. From the Building list, select a building.
  8. From the Floor list, select a floor.
  9. In the Space field, start typing any part of the space name, and select an available space from the list of results.
  10. From the Category list, select a category.
    Note: Additional fields can appear according to the CMMS configuration, for example, Upload files, Description, or Priority. Make sure that you fill in any additional mandatory fields for the work order.
  11. From the Sub category list, select a subcategory.
  12. Check that the Status list shows the correct value, and click Save.