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A Parking Space is a single parking spot on a Parking Floor.

About this task

To create a Parking Space space in the space tree, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Home page, in the navigation menu, select Space Configuration.
  2. From the Space Tree pane, select your location, building, floor, and zone, then select Parking Space.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. In the Space Number field, add a number for the Parking Space in all applicable languages.
  5. From the Space Type list, select Employee Parking or Visitor's Parking.
  6. If the Parking Space has a designated user, enter the user's name to the User field.
  7. If the Parking Space is a disabled parking bay, select Disabled Parking.
  8. If the Parking Space has resources, select the resouces from the dropdown menu.
  9. If the Parking Space belongs to a Business Unit, map the corresponding Business Unit from the dropdown menu.
  10. Click Save.