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A floor is a level in a building infrastructure. Create additional floors and parking floors in the space tree using the Admin Portal.

To create a floor or parking floor space in the space tree, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Home page, in the navigation menu, select Space Configuration.
  2. From the Space Tree pane, select the name of the building that you want to add a floor to.
  3. Click Floor.
  4. Click Add New.
    Figure 1. Floor page

  5. To download a space mapping template or upload space mapping data, click Space Mapping Templates, and from the list, select your space mapping system. Click the relevant link to download the template or to upload the data for the selected mapping system.
  6. Click Other Templates to download a floor space template, a space extract for GeoJSON, or to upload floor space data.
  7. In the Floor name section, enter the name of the floor in all applicable languages.
  8. In the Start time field, enter the start time of the business hours.
  9. In the End time field, enter the end time of the business hours.
  10. In the Floor area field, enter the area of the floor.
  11. If the space is a parking floor, select Parking Floor.
  12. In the Floor Plans section, click the appropriate Browse button to upload a GeoJSON floor plan for mobile and kiosk or a GeoJSON route plan for mobile and kiosk.
  13. In the Resource Template section, click the relevant button to download or upload a resource template.
  14. In the Contact Information section, enter the contact details of the floor administrator.
  15. Click Save.