Creating a kiosk - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013271 - Software Application - Companion - 2.8

OpenBlue Companion Admin Portal Configuration Guide

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To create a kiosk, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Global Configuration screen, in the Kiosk Configuration tab, click Create New.
  2. On the Create New Kiosk screen, from the Location list, select a location.
  3. From the Building list, select a building.
  4. From the Floor list, select a floor.
  5. From the Select language list, select the kiosk language.
  6. In the Kiosk name field, enter a name.
  7. Optional: For a meeting room kiosk, from the Meeting room list, select a room.
  8. From the Kiosk type list, select the type of the new kiosk.
  9. In the Latitude field, enter the appropriate latitude.
  10. In the Longitude field, enter the appropriate longitude.
  11. In the Safety and Facility Protocol Description field, enter the appropriate text or URL.
  12. From the Select kiosk features list, select the features that you want to make available for the kiosk users.
  13. Click Save.