Configuring meeting room reservation rules - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013271 - Software Application - Companion - 2.8

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Johnson Controls
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About this task

To configure the meeting room reservation rules, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Home page, in the navigation menu, select Business Rules.
  2. On the Business Rules screen, click the Meeting Room Reservations tab.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. In the Auto Release Rules section, select durations for the following rules:
    • Release time if unoccupied from start of meeting: If a host or attendee fails to check-in to a reserved meeting room, Companion releases the meeting room after this amount of time elapses.
    • Release time if unoccupied during meeting: If sensors detect that a reserved meeting room is unoccupied for this amount of time, Companion releases the meeting room.
    • Exception on meeting duration to avoid release if unoccupied during meeting: If a meeting room reservation is this duration or longer, Companion does not automatically release the meeting room when it is unoccupied.
  5. Click Save.