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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant Control Sequence Math Technical Approach

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Central Utility Plant
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Johnson Controls® OpenBlue Central Plant Optimizer is supervisory control software that operates as an overlay to the existing building automation system (BAS). OpenBlue Plant Optimizer uses a math and physics-based approach in optimizing control of central plant equipment. Plant Optimizer systems use this approach coupled with predictive modelling based on seven-day weather forecasts, utility rates, total campus electrical demand, and the load of the central plant. The system then determines the optimal equipment selection and setpoints. Plant Optimizer sends the commands and setpoints, known as dispatches, every fifteen minutes. The math-based approach breaks down the problem into prediction, high-level optimization, and low-level optimization.

Use OpenBlue Plant Simulator to simulate hourly utility usage and cost for various plant configuration and operating practises. Plant Simulator can model how the plant currently operates, and how it would operate using a math and physics-based optimization approach with Plant Optimizer supervisory control software.