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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant Control Sequence Math Technical Approach

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Central Utility Plant
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Regular simulations of plant utility consumption that do not apply OpenBlue Plant Optimizer software are based on; assumptions about control logic sequences of operation programmed into the plant automation system in automated plants or, typical practises that operators use in manually operated plants.

On the Proposed Improvement Scenario screen, check OpenBlue Plant Optimizer software to run a scenario that uses the control sequence math technical approach. Simulations with optimization use mathematical optimization techniques rather than traditional control logic rules to take over control decisions such as:
  • Load allocation among equipment. For example: which equipment to run, when to stage up to more equipment or stage down to less equipment, and individual leaving temperature setpoints per device.
  • Load allocation among groups of equipment or multiple plants on a common loop.
  • System level temperature, pressure, or flow set points. For example: set point target for temperature of condenser water leaving a cooling tower.
  • Charging or discharging of energy storage resources.
The simulations that run with-optimization in the Plant Simulator, demonstrate how control decisions are made when advanced supervisory control (ASC) optimization software, such as Plant Optimizer, are in place.