Initial Assessment Phase - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012585 - Software Application - JEM: Johnson Controls Enterprise Management - 1.3.1

Metasys Enterprise Management Professional Productivity Tool (PPT) Guide

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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management
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You must complete multiple processes before you can create a Professional Productivity Tool database for use with Johnson Controls Enterprise Management. In the first phase, you must scan a System Configuration Tool archive to generate a list of equipment and data points, and generate initial reports to indicate how much work the project requires. You can then use these reports and other features of the Professional Productivity Tool to locate any data that is absent from the initial scan. When you identify all the data, you can generate the reports again to see if manual technical work is necessary at the site. When this work is complete, you can import the new System Configuration Tool archive into the Professional Productivity Tool and generate further reports to confirm the successful addition of any new points.

If you plan to organize all your buildings and Network Automation Engines (NAE) at the same time, you can use the auto-populate feature for the entire site. It is also possible to assess only part of the site either by mapping a limited number of NAEs, or using a System Configuration Tool archive of only part of the location. This approach may suit very large sites where the technician is already familiar with the local structure of buildings and NAEs.

To view the basic steps of the Assessment Phase, see Figure 2. The initial assessment steps are in yellow.

Figure 1. Assessment outline flow

If the initial assessment results are incomplete, follow the additional steps that form the comprehensive assessment. For more information about the comprehensive assessment, see Comprehensive Assessment Phase.