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About this task

The Load Revised SCT Archive feature lets you load new, up-to-date, additional System Configuration Tool data into an existing Professional Productivity Tool project. As Johnson Controls projects evolve and change over time, or a project includes new buildings with additional supervisory devices, you need a method to add the Johnson Controls BAS source data to your Professional Productivity Tool project file. This section contains information about the process for adding additional, or new and up-to-date System Configuration Tool data into an existing Professional Productivity Tool project.

Note: The site name must match the site name of the original System Configuration Tool archive. If the names do not match, the Professional Productivity Tool does not recognize the new System Configuration Tool archive as a valid source of information.

The most common use of the Load Revised SCT Archive feature is to verify points that you add in the Johnson Controls system, to import additional supervisory devices, or to add new or up-to-date System Configuration Tool data to the PPT Project file.

To load a revised System Configuration Tool archive and use it to make changes to the PPT Project file, complete the following steps:


  1. Select Load Revised SCT Archive from the Action menu.
  2. Select New or Updated archive. Click Restore SCT Backup if you did not restore the backup file.
  3. Click OK to open the new archive. The Professional Productivity Tool compares the new archive data to the original data. Before you proceed to the next step, you must decide which supervisory devices to update.
  4. Select the devices to update. By default, all devices are up-to-date. It is usually beneficial to update all devices with the most current information. New devices display as Not Found in Project Tree. Drag any new devices into the Unassigned Devices folder. You can assign these devices later with the Edit Project Tree feature from the Action menu.
  5. Click Proceed to continue to the Reviewing Difference/Updates window, which displays the differences between the two archives.
    • Items that display as Missing were in the original System Configuration Tool archive, but are not in the revised System Configuration Tool archive.
    • Items that display as New were not in the original archive, but are in the revised archive.
  6. Click Proceed to continue with the revision process with the items of equipment that you select. If you want to select different supervisory equipment, or load a different System Configuration Tool archive, click Cancel.
  7. Click Proceed to execute auto-population of the existing equipment rows. This process fills in the points that you determine with the existing filters.
    Note: The Populate only required empty cells option and the Do not populate at this time option update the PPT Project database with the objects that the revised System Configuration Tool archive obtains. This includes the deleting of objects from the PPT database that are no longer in the new archive.


Next, you can check for any points that do not have the correct unit of measure or enumeration type.