Inspecting the equipment area equipment rows - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012585 - Software Application - JEM: Johnson Controls Enterprise Management - 1.3.1

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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management
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You can inspect the Equipment Area after the population process. If you did not execute a Populate command you can skip this process. For more information about equipment in the Johnson Controls Enterprise Management system, see Johnson Controls Enterprise Management Configuration Guide (LIT-12012432).

About this task

To verify the accuracy of the automatic population process, complete the following steps:


  1. Inspect each tab in the Equipment area and review the results. The items of equipment that you define and make available in the Grid View, display in tabs that contain equipment counts; for example, if you define 20 VAV's and make them all available for viewing in the Grid View, the VAV tab header displays (20/20).
  2. Use the information in the Name and Description fields, as well as the Fully Qualified Reference (FQR) of each piece of equipment, to verify the equipment type that the tab indicates.
  3. Review the Mapped Point Count column. You can sort and filter this column.
  4. Highlight and right-click any rows that are in the wrong place and click Move or Delete to move or delete them.
    Note: You cannot modify rows that you lock. Ensure that you unlock the row if change options are not available or do not work.


Next, you must inspect the Project Tree View pane to ensure that the assignment of controllers is correct.