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You can check and modify the assignment of controllers after a Populate command. You must make adjustments in situations where the Populate command links multiple controllers to one piece of equipment, and where the Populate command links multiple pieces of equipment to one controller.

About this task

To ensure the correct assignment of all controllers, complete the following steps:


  1. In the Project Tree View, inspect all controllers to ensure that you map them or mark them out-of-scope. When you map a controller, the controller turns green. When you do not map a controller, the controller turns black, and an out-of-scope controller turns gray. Expand all integrations on each supervisory device to see the status of each controller.
  2. If you do not map a controller or mark it out-of-scope, you can either drag and drop it to the appropriate Equipment tab to make it green, or uncheck the box next to it to mark it out-of-scope. Do this for all controllers that you do not map or mark as out-of-scope, until no controllers remain.
      • If the Populate command assigns multiple controllers to one piece of equipment, for example if one air handler uses three FEC controllers, use one of the controllers as the primary controller to create the equipment row, and then delete any remaining controllers for the air handler. Clear the check boxes that associate with the controllers that you delete in the Project View Tree to mark them out-of-scope. Drag and drop the points from these controllers to the primary row to complete the process.
      • If you define two or more pieces of equipment on one controller, use the controller to create the first equipment row, and then copy that equipment row and paste it under the Equipment tab. To do this, right-click the equipment row number. Rename the new row accordingly, and drag and drop the points for the second piece of equipment on to it.
  3. When you can account for all of the controllers in the integration, verify that the points map correctly to the equipment.


Next, you must review the point cell data to ensure it is correct.