Ignoring Application Requirements - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012585 - Software Application - JEM: Johnson Controls Enterprise Management - 1.3.1

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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management
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You can ignore application requirements by marking cells out-of-scope.

About this task

It is sometimes necessary to ignore a cell that the Application requires if an item of equipment does not have data that corresponds to the requirement. For example, a cooling-only VAV does not produce HTG-O (heating output) point data, and this point may not be in Johnson Controls.

  • Ignoring a point that the Application requires, which shows as a red cell, removes that point from the New Points tab on the Assessment window.
  • The project review process does not add the point that you ignore to your Johnson Controls system and the cloud does not include the point.

To mark a cell out-of-scope, complete the following steps:


  1. Select one or multiple cells, right-click and select Ignore Application Requirement. This marks the cells as out-of-scope and changes their color to gray.
  2. Right-click one or multiple cells and select Remove from Ignore to change a cell's status from out-of-scope to in-scope. The cell changes color from gray to red.


Next, you can remove duplicate points in cells.